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The ninth art

April 3, 2011 Leave a comment

Bertrand Russell in Logicomix

I consider myself a comic book fan – although I’m not a collector anymore. Every now and then I choose something new – last time it was The Five Fists of Science, and now it’s Logicomix. While the former was an interesting read and nothing more, the latter one (which I read after recommendation from a friend) has been both an interesting read and a form of inspiration.

As you might recall, I wrote an SF story which has been rejected by the publishers. Personally, I’m extremely satisfied with its content, but its form seems too unnatural. After reading Logicomix, I realized that my story is meant to be a graphic novel! Now I just need an artist to help me do this – since I can’t draw a same face twice, which makes me a lousy comic book artist.

I’m aware that this story will not be the next bestseller as Logicomix was – but being a bestselling author is not my goal – I just want to tell the story.

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