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Writing Science Fiction, Flatland style

Few years ago, I wrote a short story about mathematical analysis – no, it was not a research paper, or a survey article, it was an SF parody, written in Flatland style.

Flatland cover

Flatland cover

When I write ‘normal’ fiction – Borges and Kiš are my role models: short stories with fiction packed like facts, stories composed out of made-up excerpts from other people’s stories (those other people are made up as well). I enjoy that kind of literature – both reading and writing it (although I am very well aware of the fact that my writing is not worth much).

On the other hand, when I write ‘mathematical fiction’, stories using the argot and spirit of mathematics and taking place inside mathematical concepts and terms, mathematics come first, style comes second. Still, I think I might get some Borgesian spirit in them – knowing how Borges promoted mathematical concepts (infinity, convergence, chance, randomness, geometry), it would be most appropriate!

Long story short – there is an idea for a new story, proposed to me by a colleague TA: quantum mechanics love story!

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