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Lost in Google Translation

June 20, 2011 Leave a comment

I got used to all sorts of weird translations provided by Google Translate, but today I found out the strangest so far – it translates my name. OK, I wouldn’t be surprised if it translated my surname literally, as it is a common noun in my native language – but no: it translated my name and surname with a name and surname of another man!

I clicked on the translated name to see other suggestions – and there were two more people as possible translations. Little bit of googling has shown the connection between the four of us – we are all on a same list published on scribd. Still – there are thousands of names on that list – why did he match me with those three people? Furthermore, it translates my name from my native language to all other languages in same manner – but not from other languages.

I tried few other names from that list – people I know – and one also gave this type of translation (although it offered just one translation, compared to three given in case of my name) – but others showed no trace of abnormality. Again, native language -> any other language gives the translation, any other language -> any other language doesn’t.

P.S. Don’t think I’m weird because I google translate my own name – I was translating an abstract of my paper and found out that someone else apparently wrote it, judging by the translation…