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This one is for you, Bill

I saw yesterday a text about “Microsoft day” at my local institution. Presentation of Imagine Cup, student initiatives, new products, blahblahblah, presents for all attendees. OK, Bill, I know you have cookies there on the dark side. But I have the “delete all cookies” option.

Before that, my Optimization professor asked me in class what is the price of latest MS Office. He couldn’t find a worst person in whole class for that question: I couldn’t care less for Microsoft products. I can’t understand why most people use it. For instance, if you work in a company of any kind where all work is administrative and you need MS Office – why wouldn’t you use OpenOffice? Why do you need Windows on the computers? Use GNU/Linux (I write “GNU/Linux” because rms told us in a lecture that’s the right way to name it).

Since I mentioned rms, let me paraphrase him once again: if the university forces you to use proprietary software, ask them whether you can use free software again. If they don’t allow it, don’t take the course, boycott it, maybe next year they will allow free software. That sounds so idealistic, so revolutionary… and so not applicable in most of our institutions. For instance, I use Octave and Sage whenever possible, but I have to use Matlab from time to time. Same goes with few other specialized tools. Here is a solemn promise, though: If I ever get in a professor seat, I will try my best to keep the software used in the course free. If you want to know more about the software classification according to rms, see here.

GNU & Tux

Baby GNU & Baby Tux

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