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Writing about trivial stuff

When a man gets a few days off to spend in bed, fighting with flu – it is always a chance for his thoughts to go wild. This time I lassoed the thoughts with my favourite knot theory book (pun very much intended). Still, after going through all knot invariants known to mankind thoughts wandered and I ended up reading a C code of a standard, simple program written by a freshman at my institution for homework – and the implementation of certain procedures in it gave me an idea for a paper. Two obstacles are in my way (not counting the iron gate – “open the gate” will solve that one):

1. It is nowhere near my area of interest and expertise. That is almost an advantage, and not an obstacle – it could make a fine excursion in a brave new world of Comp. Sci.

2. The topic, implementation and results are almost trivial – interesting, but still trivial. But hey, someone has to write about those things too.

If there is nothing serious to handle, trivialities keep the brain young…

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