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Latent fascism in education?

Holidays are the time when I watch TV, read the newspaper more, surf on the web. That practice always takes me to the edge of my nerves, since I hear, read and see enormous stupidity and ignorance – OK, I see it during the workday too, but it is kind of different when it comes from so-called experts, so-called free media, etc. I will not write about the fact that in every news block, there are at least three pronunciation or spelling errors, I will not write about the horrible accent and language the news anchors and talk show hosts use – I will write about the same old story told by our university professors, politicians, journalists and all other ‘experts’ featuring on the national TV in prime-time. It is the story about our students abroad – how they are always brighter than the locals, how they skip grades, make careers, live the American dream (or, more often, the West European dream) because of their cleverness, intelligence and knowledge. It is told for both the people who go abroad after finishing elementary or high school here, and the people whose entire education took place abroad.

While in the first case the ‘experts’ telling the story might imply that the success made by ‘our people’ is a consequence of the curriculum through which the students went through before they left the country, the second case implies some kind of genetic intellectual superiority –  how convenient, and how fascist.

If we are so brilliant, so talented, and if our curricula are so good – why is our education rated as the worst on the continent? Why is our scientific, technological, and every other development stuck? Why do we enjoy lying to ourselves, feeding our national ego with success stories of individuals?

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